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Honorary Fellows

Professor Sheila Widnall, formerly Secretary of the US Air Force and now Institute Professor in the Department of Aero & Astro at MIT, and Dr Michael Foale, who was born in Cambridge, have generously agreed to support us by becoming Honorary Fellows of SAMIA

Newsletter June 2001


  • A document summarising the wide, interdisciplinary scope of Aeronautical Engineering in Cambridge has been produced and issued.
  •  A document summarising the Aims & Objectives of The Sir Arthur Marshall Institute has been produced and issued.
  •  Further copies may be obtained from Bill Dawes ( or Jonathan Barker (


The first donations have been gratefully received from the Marshalls Trust and are being used as a pump primer to launch our activities.

  • VBN, Virtual Business Network Ltd, were selected to design, build and host our web site. This is now in progress aimed at completion by mid-October.
  •  This site will be fully interactive and aimed at presenting our work in aeronautical engineering in a coherent way to the outside world, forging interdisciplinary links, networking between the university and industry at large. A members’ area will have privileged and customised access for sponsoring organisations.


  •  ‘Communication & Design Process Planning for New Product Development’ is a joint collaboration between CUED (John Clarkson et al) and Marshalls, Rolls-Royce, BAe Systems, Corus, Lotus Cars and Knowledge Technologies International.
  •  The Institute will help support the research student (the first ‘Sir Arthur Marshall Research Student’)


  • Our first annual lecture will be delivered on October 5th by Phil Ruffles, Technical Director of Rolls-Royce Plc, on ‘Future propulsion prospects’.
  •  The lecture will be accompanied by a dinner and a half-day workshop on ‘Interdisciplinary activity in Aeronautics’.


  • Patrons of the Institute will sit on its Advisory Board and be known as ‘Fellows of the Sir Arthur Marshall Institute’.
  • Patrons may also be eligible, if appropriate, to be associated with Churchill College, Cambridge, and known as ‘Advisers to the Sir Arthur Marshall Institute under the Churchill College Industrial Advisers Scheme’.


SAMIA has enabled us to help fund the visits of two ‘Academic Fellows’ – Professor John Harvey (from Imperial College to work with Dr Babinsky) and Professor Sanjay Lele (from Stanford to work with Dr Stewart Cant).


  • An excellent lecture and visit was organised by Marshall’s Terry Holloway on the subject of flight testing. This was designed to support our undergraduate teaching on flight stability and control. We plan this to be an annual event.
  • Marshalls’ chief test pilot described a wide range of activities and showed some amazing film of flow visualisation during various flight tests – including in-flight refuelling.